Smart Minds© believe strongly the vocations we engage in have the power to shape and mold the world in which we exist. We see ourselves as integral players in the ever-evolving effort to better our world. We want to attempt to right the wrongs, increase consciousness and generally help the world to become a better place for everyone that lives in it.  Knowing that we potentially have the power to cause change in the world has caused us to be very careful about the work we choose to do and the clients we choose to work with, therefore, in order to keep in line with our personal ethics, morals and standards, as well as maintaining a strong sense of social responsibility and awareness, we adhere to a certain set of guidelines. They are as follows:

We will not create any work that objectifies or demeans anyone in any way, shape or form. This includes using humans as sexual objects (a cheap tactic anyways) in order to generate interest. There may be projects where using an image of a man or woman is appropriate and/or integral for the concept, but it must be done tastefully and with class, no exceptions.
We will not promote drug abuse of any kind. Period.
We are strongly against partaking in any activity that promotes hatred, whether it is motivated by racial bigotry, sexual preference or anything else. We are not in the business of spreading hatred and small mindedness.
We believe great collaborations are born from mutual respect, therefore, for the sake of producing the best possible and most compelling work; we will not work with clients who don’t give us the same respect we aim to give them.
We will not generate work in the name of brands or organizations that habitually and/or chronically harm the natural environment or its inhabitants, both humans and animals.