These are various samples of different custom, hand-drawn lettering we've created for a variety of clients. Custom lettering can give your project an unexpected vintage touch that would otherwise be hard to come by.

We helped sponsor this event and designed the poster for it. It's at a drive-in theater that is at the foot of Horsetooth Rock/Mountain and so we illustrated the poster to have all the content on a screen at the foot of that mountain. We also included the trademark marquee that the theater is known for in the design. It's an evening event so the muted tones were chosen to make sure and convey that accurately.

Album art package for hip-hop/soul artist Fullee Love (aka Soup from Jurassic 5) for his debut album. He wanted it to have vintage Americana style art and look like a retro version of vintage vinyl.

We designed a Digital Martyrs cryptic type treatment to mimic the Arabic Kufi style of writing for the hip-hop group of the same name. 

Legendary Los Angeles emcee Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship hired us to design a promotional flyer for his show with Planet Asia as the headliner. We chose this photographic collage method to create the needed visual excitement.

High Definition window cleaning hired us for a re-brand, wanting a more industrial/professional look. The result above subtly hints at a window squeegee shape in the H. The squeegee function becomes more apparent across all applications (including the clear plastic business cards we designed for them).

Ugly Badger hired us to create their promotional brochure for their firm. We wanted it to be clean, but lively. It was restricted to the three panels of the trifold, but we aimed to not be constrained by the rigidity of the three rectangles on each side.

During the 2017 event season we worked in partnership with a local marketing firm to develop and execute all of the promotional materials for the town of Timnath in northern Colorado. We designed all the advertising and promotional materials, signage/wayfinding, menus and maps for all of the events. Keeping in mind a consistent brand aesthetic that was fun and family friendly. Note: the event logos were provided to us and not designed by Smart Minds.

HipHopDX hired us to create a design using their Youtube show catch phrase "Roll The Clip James" in a unique and compelling way to be used on t-shirts etc.

We were hired by a company called Munchees to create their logo. They are a restaurant chain focused on food for those at a "higher" elevation mentally. The logo combines a typographic treatment with droopy eyes.

We were hired by Glassy Sunhaters sunglass company to design a promotional poster highlighting one of their pro skaters (Aaron Homoki) and his signature sunglasses, which had a green galaxy design on the frames. 

The Giving Tree is a location at the FoCo Cafe for people with excess to drop off their goods for those in need to pick up. It's part of the non profit, good deeds that the FoCo Cafe is known for engaging in. We created this logo and branding on a volunteer basis to help contribute to the great work they do in helping to bring all aspects of the community together. 

FoCo Cafe has a "pay what you can" business model and therefore makes it easy for anyone hungry to be able to obtain a meal, whether it be with the couple bucks they do have, or with bussing tables for an hour or two. It was an honor for us to design the poster for their annual bike-in music festival. 

HipHopDX hired us to create the logo for their annual gamers vs. rappers video game tournament, named DXTurbo. They wanted a mark that illicited feelings of movement, motion and speed. This was our solution.

This "Stay Woke" t-shirt design was created for HipHopDX, the leading hip hop website. The design is intended to make your eyes feel like you've recently awoken.

Lyrics Born hired us to lay out/design his Real People album art. It was created in collaboration with father son team Brent and Bernard Collins. [CD art shown above]

Dreamcatcher Real Estate of Taos, New Mexico hired us to do their new logo and rebrand. They wanted to modernize their brand while creating a timeless mark that will stand the test of time. We designed the logo, the logo system/stationery and signage and provided elements to be extended across all platforms. 

Zimbo Arts is an upstart business connecting the United States with Zimbabwe's colorful artistic community via hand made products which are designed and constructed in Zimbabwe and sold in the states. A healthy portion of the company's proceeds go back into revitalizing Zimbabwe's local communities and infrastructure. They reached out to us to create their branding.

This is a poster we put together for an event we helped put together where our own Kyle Eustice publicly interviewed acclaimed DJ Cut Chemist. We aimed to get his colorful style of music across in a more visual way.

Legendary hip hop emcee, the Gift of Gab hired us to create his album artwork for his most recent (as of 2017) solo effort, Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again. He wanted it to be bright and celebratory, while still conveying an elevated, clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

Legendary Los Angeles hip hop group Freestyle Fellowship reached out to us to do the tour materials for a tour titled the Instant Gratification tour. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, the tour was cancelled, yet the materials remain.

We designed the main text/hand-lettering for the words Best and Omaha for the 2014 Best of Omaha issue of Omaha magazine.  The cover in totality was designed in collaboration with John Gawley and Ben Leuders and was printed using an innovative printing method similar to what is called a spot varnish.  This magazine cover went on to win the AIGA Gold award at the AIGA Nebraska Show event in 2014 (The highest level of award at the event) as well as the Best Magazine Cover at the 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards .